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The ceramic category encompasses various types of materials and techniques, such as terracotta, faience, fine faience, porcelain, and biscuit. Each of these materials has specific characteristics and uses.

Terracotta is a ceramic material obtained by firing non-vitrified clay at a relatively low temperature. It is usually red or orange in color and can be used to create pottery, tiles, and sculptures.

Faience is a type of fine ceramic that is often covered with colored and glossy glaze. It is fired at a higher temperature than terracotta, resulting in a smooth and waterproof surface. Faience is used to make plates, dishes, decorative tiles, and other tableware and decorative objects.

Fine faience, also known as high-quality faience, is a refined version of faience. It is often produced in specific regions renowned for their expertise in ceramics, such as the faience factory in Gien, France. Fine faience stands out for its superior quality, fineness, and intricate patterns. It is often used to create collectible pieces, high-end decorative objects, and elegant tableware.

Porcelain is a highly translucent, hard, and durable ceramic material. It is made from a special clay mixture, typically composed of kaolin, feldspar, and quartz. Porcelain is fired at extremely high temperatures, resulting in its strength and smooth finish. It is used to make fine tableware, figurines, vases, and other delicate objects.

Biscuit is a term used to describe unglazed or non-vitrified ceramics. It refers to ceramics that are fired at a high temperature without the addition of glaze. Biscuit ceramics have a matte appearance and can be used to create sculptures, floor tiles, or objects that will be later glazed or decorated.

In summary, the ceramic category comprises various types of materials, such as terracotta, faience, fine faience, porcelain, and biscuit. Each of these materials offers unique characteristics and uses, ranging from functional objects to high-quality decorative pieces.

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